For My Best Friend

We only met a short while ago;
mere acquaintances until something deeper started to grow.
You, a boy, sick of being alone.
Me, a girl, quite complicated and broken, searching for hope.

We talked, releasing pent up emotions and feelings of depression;
sometimes, we even expressed feelings of aggression.
You, a boy, crying in agony.
Me, a girl, overcome with anxiety.

We only met a short while ago;
mere acquaintances until something deeper started to grow.
You, a boy, forgotten but cared for by me.
Me, a girl, hopeless but cared for you.



She closes her eyes–those eyes stinging with tears.
She shudders, overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness and fear.
Her eyes flicker open, and the world disappears.

She looks up at the sky, tears falling.
In confusion and pain, she hears a voice calling.
She speaks out, the words a mixture of sobs and yelling.

“Why am I unhappy?”
“Why does no one love me?”
“Is there a plan I just don’t see?”

She stops–the only sound heard is her heart beating as it races.
A gust of wind hits her face.
Her tears are gone without a trace.

“With me, you will be happy.”
“I love you most ardently.”
“I have a plan, just wait and see.”

No more tears and fears.
No more hopeless feelings and yelling.
The wind surrounds her, and she knows he’s there.

In the End

I loved him, and he loved me.
Everything was as it should be.
In the end, we were happy.

I loved him, and he loved me.
Or so I was led to believe.
In the end, he left me.

~Sabrina Williams


“Life’s got you down, but your feet are still on the ground.
How do you do it?
How can you be so strong when I feel like I’ve drowned?
How do you do it?”

You say, “I may look like I’ve got it together, but I don’t.”
But I try for you.
I am not really as strong as you think, but give up, I won’t!
But I try for you.”

Tears fill our eyes as we embrace.
One day we’ll be stronger.
Peace and joy cover our faces.
One day we’ll be stronger.

~Sabrina Williams


She looks at her clear reflection, a picture of perfection.
She hides behind her mask of lace.
A tear slides down her perfect face,
And as she stares her eyes widen in sudden revelation.

She remembers everything: the hello, the love, the goodbye.
But in the end he left her, why?
All the times she wanted to die,
And the thoughts and sobbing for nothing more than a stupid lie.

She turns away from her reflection, ashamed of her sadness.
Her eyes blur with tears of hatred.
The mask no longer seems sacred;
She tears the mask from her face consumed with anger and madness.

Enraged, she hurls a vase at the mirror shattering the glass.
Her anger fades leaving her drained.
She trembles and aches from the pain.
She walks slowly back to the mirror, hours seeming to pass.

She looks up at her broken reflection, no longer perfect.
Her face now bare and her eyes dull.
Her tears begin to dry and lull,
And as she stares her eyes start to gleam as her hope resurrects.

This is a poem I wrote today. I would like to know what you think 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Part One (An Untitled Short Story)

Adelaide took off running through the forest. As her bare feet hit the rough forest floor, her feet became more and more bruised. She felt the pain shoot up through her legs as they grew weak. She was going to collapse soon if she didn’t stop to rest. Looking around, she spots a gigantic tree a little to the right. She veers to the right and expels her last bit of strength sprinting frantically towards that tree. She reaches the tree and collapses in a heap. The last thing she hears is the sound of her heart pounding loudly in her ears before exhaustion overtakes her.

The sun beamed down brightly onto the pale body causing her to stir. Adelaide opens her eyes, but the sun forces her to close them again. Gradually, she opens her eyes more and more until they adjust to the light. Judging by the position of the sun, Adelaide concluded that it must be late afternoon; she had been passed out for around four hours. She stands up, dizzy at first, but she finds her balance; she looks around, trying to remember where she is and why she is there. She blinks her eyes a few times, and then it all floods back and hits her like a ten foot wave, drowning and suffocating her. She gasps and falls to the ground. The memories race through her mind, making her head pound. The sun seems brighter all of a sudden. She places the palms of her hands against her temples, trying to make the flashbacks stop. She tries to slow her breathing as the panic creeps up insider of her. Despite her efforts, panic hits her, and she launches to her feet and takes off running through the forest again. Tears stream down her face blurring her vision. She sees the light; the light that tells her she is almost out of the forest. Her panic attack becomes stronger; she feels like the forest is closing in on her. She runs desperately towards the light as the forest threatens to swallow her up. She reaches the light; she emerges out of the forest and into the clearing. She is in paradise.

To be Continued…

I wrote this a few months ago and had another writer read and critique it. He told me I needed less detail and maybe tell a little of Adelaide’s back story like why she was running away. I have not revised it yet. I need some ideas on a back story. I don’t want it to be clique. I am having a hard time trying to come up with some ideas so your ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks 🙂